Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Some thoughts...

You know those people who resemble their pets? But have you ever thought that people would resemble the instruments they play. I went to my little sister's band concert (mal and stac's) at CVJH and must I say, there was a whole lot of them. There were a bunch of waif-like girls playing the flute, a red-head playing a trombone, a lanky kid playing the keyboard. Yes, it was perfect.

Second thought,

We don't have Bravo, so I have sadly missed this season. sniff sniff. While I am not a huge 'Lifetimer', we actually have that channel. Oh how I've missed you Tim Gunn.

Make it work, everyone. Make it work.


  1. First, you should probably delete the spammer above me...

    Second, what do red-heads and trombones have in common?

  2. I'm not sure- he just looked like a trombone player- he was actually pretty good too

  3. Are you saying Stacy looks like a drum? :)

    P.S. We're getting a poodle on Saturday. (blame Phil) I think I one of us needs to get a perm now.

  4. You're so funny. I would love to show you some stuff if we can actually get together one day!! And I want to start taking pictures of all the temples around here so I'll let you know when I get on of that one (can't spell it- not even gonna try - but the one you got married in...haha)

  5. okay. you make me laugh soooo hard. i agree with the pets and the instrument theory.
    the cabinet thing- amazing. they are beautiful.
    i'm so excited for you guys!


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