30 Before 30

A list of goals to complete before my 30th birthday on August 20, 2016.

1. Read 100 books I have never read before.
2. Buy a home.
3. Learn to like something I hate. {2012- tomatoes, cooked at least}
4. Stamp my passport by visiting one of my top 5. {Completed 5/2012}
5. Start a family.
6. Learn how to really lift weights.
7. Get Young Women in Excellence Award.
8. Read 'Jesus the Christ.'
9. Develop a talent.
10. Become CPR certified. {Completed 9/20/2012}
11. Learn how to french braid.
12. Sew an outfit all by myself.
13. Make it in "Where has your Glamour Been?" {Completed 1/8/2014}
14. Really learn the manual setting on a camera.
15. Take a family history class.
16. Read the Book of Mormon in one month. Read it like a page turner. {Completed 10/2014}
17. Sleep under the stars.
18. Hike to Delicate Arch in Moab. {Completed May 2013}
19. Visit the Albuquerque International Balloon Festival
20. Bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. {Completed May 2013}
21. Join a book club. {Completed April 2014}
22. Learn how to whistle loudly. {Kind of August 2014}
23. Ride an elephant. {Completed November 18, 2013}
24. Visit another "Wonder of the World" {Completed 9/2014}
25. Write my sister every week when she is on her mission in Mexico.
26. Turn blog into a .com {Completed January 1, 2014}
27. Finally switch over my email to my married name.
28. Finish my Oma's history.
29. Learn how to fold a fitted sheet the Martha Stewart way.


  1. This is genius! I need to make one of my own pronto!


  2. I can help you with #24!! Want to meet up at the Grand Canyon!? Wait, do natural wonders count or are you sticking to man made?

    1. Yes! Let's meet! Who cares if natural wonders count. :)

  3. Still need 2 entries and you have 2 years to complete this. Good luck!


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