Monday, December 1, 2008


I have been a bad blogger lately. School has been so busy and this break was much needed. We spent Thanksgiving day with my fami...
Here are the kids...

Korianne and I survived Black Friday. Barely. We had a lot of really nice people help us out- so all in all, it was a good experience.
On Saturday, we put up our little Christmas tree. We only 3 ornaments that my Grammy gave us (we get one a year), but my mom said we can have some on loan to balance out the tree a little more.

Happy Holidays! Good luck with shopping and the crowds!


  1. Cute tree! We have extra ornaments if you want to borrow some...let me know!

  2. Steph, you have "lots" of cute shoe ornaments, I gave them to you. They should make a very interesting tree.


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