Friday, March 8, 2019

Lima, Peru

Our trip ended where it began: in Lima, the capital of Peru. We had only one day in Lima so we hit it hard. First up, the Presidential Palace.

The changing of the guard is a spectacle and one of my favorite's that we have seen around the world. The crowds aren't overwhelming and the marching band won us over with those high kicks! In polyester!

Changing of the guard did generate a small crowd but nothing like, say, Buckingham Palace so the experience was actually enjoyable. And, lo and behold, we are even able to see it. :)

 Lima's Plaza de Armas is beautiful and busy, but not overwhelmingly so on either account. After we wandered through the streets en route to Mira Flores neighborhood.
Convento de San Francisco

Parque del Amor

Late afternoon we had wandered our way to the lovely Parque del Amor, or Park of Love. This delightful green space has incredible views, thoughtful architecture and plenty of grass to sit on.

Plus, it is a popular place to watch the also popular sport of hangliding. It was beautiful to watch the parachutes slowly glide over the horizon.

 Can you believe that highway at the edge of the ocean?! Stunning, yet also prone to flooding.

We trekked down to dinner at the edge of the pier. If you do anything in Peru, get some ceviche, which is raw fish that has been cured in citrus juices. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. Unless you hate delicious things. In that case, you're own your own.

Get in me belly.

And that, my friends, is a wrap. We wandered back to our Airbnb, picked up our luggage, changed into comfy clothes and flew out late that evening. 

Lima was a fun city to explore, not super notable overall and thought 24 hours was enough to see what we wanted.

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