Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Word to Your Mutha

About a month or so ago, VH1 had a 4-night event showcasing the Best Songs of the 90s. I grew up in the 90s- which made me LOVE this countdown.

Here are some of my favorites...
  • Jewel. She sounds like Kermit a little. She used to live in a van. I kinda like it.
  • Everybody Dance Now. It reminds me of the movie 'Man of the House', where JTT (refernced again below) hangs out with Chevy Chase. It also reminds me of that time outside of the institute building. I know you remember that, Aimee.
  • Spice Girls. Wannabe, If You Wanna Be My Lover; you name it. I wanted to be a Spice Girl without the scary hair and the accents. This may explain why I love Posh Spice still. Does anyone remember the Spice Girls movie? Yep. I rented that.
  • MMMBop. Catchy, poppy, and fabulous. After the countdown I found myself singing it.
  • I Don't Want to Wait by Paula Cole. Oh Dawson and Joey.
  • TLC. WaterFall, No Scrubs. 'Nuff said.
  • Anything by a boy band. 'Nsync, Backstreet Boys, 98 degrees. Yes it's shameful and I love it.

This list made me want to make another list.

Things I miss from the 90's...

  • The Goonies. "It's a booty trap." "No, a booby trap" "That's what I said! A booty trap!"
  • Saved By the Bell. I love you Zach Morris.
  • Leo. As in DiCaprio. I felt like I discovered him first in TeenBop. Oh Leo.
  • Andrew Keegan. He stole my heart in Camp Nowhere, and again on 7th Heaven. In retrospect, I'm not really sure why.
  • Overalls. Now I know this sounds gross, but I had a pair of Silver brand overalls and they were comfy. It was sad when I had to retire them. (But not so sad that I would ever be caught in overalls again.)
  • Dawsons Creek. I wasn't allowed to watch it, which probably made it more intriguing to me. I heart Pacey.
  • Boys with 3 Names. Jonathon Taylor Thomas. Zachary Ty Bryant.
  • 10 Things I Hate About You- this is for you Heath.

That's enough nostalgia for me tonight- I'm out. Feel free to post what you miss from the 90s. I know the list is long... (and hopefully does not involve grunge.)


  1. ohh, dont think you can get away with renting the Spice Girls movie just once... i remember you coming to my house and im sure we watched it at least 3 times!!! the spice girls rock-- and yes, i do have all their albums on my ipod..and yes, i do sing along at the top of my lungs!!!

    hehehe- i remember teenbop.. going through and cutting out all the cute boys! hanging them all over the walls! if i remember right, didnt andrew kegan send you an autographed photo??

    im sure if i dig back in my old files, ill find a folder filled with Zach Hanson pictures, he was my favorite Hanson, and i was convinced that someday, he would love me as much as i loved him...

    good memories----good 90's!!!

  2. Ah yes, Jewel. She was a fav. I also went through an unfortunate Alanis Morrisette phase, too. Is it sad that the 90's don't seem that long ago?! Am I really getting old? Dang it.

  3. steph, that post was hilarious. i am not even kidding. it made me think of things i miss from the 90's i'll make a list no worries. and i loved that movie with JTT and chevy chase, seriously. i was thinking about watching that movie the other day. maybe we'll watch it together WHEN YOU COME IN MAY!


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