Monday, May 5, 2008

Out with the old...

I started my first day of working full-time this summer. What a day. We were short-handed and it was the busiest day in a long time. There was a constant line of 5 people almost all day. I've been into lists lately, so here are two:

Here are some things that get really old...

-"What? I can't be negative! How am I in the negative?"
Me: "Well, you spent money that you didn't have!"
-"They let me do it at the other branch."
-"You go to the U? That's a commute" (insert shocked face here)
-"Oh, you must be new." (when I don't let them do something that they want to)
- People who never admit fault

Things that never get old...

- Someone who comes up with a bubbly personality and leaves me smiling
- People who admit fault
- Anyone that treats me as a person, not a glorified cashier

Here's to day 2...


  1. oh steph. oh steph.
    the fargo.
    i can't wait for you to quit!
    i can't wait to see you!
    tell jacob hello.

  2. You are so funny Steph! I sure miss working with you everyday (if I still worked). Have a great weekend!

  3. If you ever have an annoying customer just push the panic button, and then tell the police you thought you saw a gun.
    That'd show 'em!


  4. I say you use a different accent with each customer.

  5. You just gotta tell those annoying demanding costumers over and over again - your lack of planning does not constitute an emergency on my part.


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