Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tales from the Fargo...

What does a Yeti and a letter to the president have in common? Just a week in my life at the Fargo...
Working full-time has proved to be dull. So we decided to spice it up a little. (mostly because the morning is as fun as watching paint dry). One of my fellow co-workers invented a little game.
The rules are the other people come up with a random word and you have to use the word while helping a customer. Some of the words that were used were: antelope and armadillo. But I was up for the challenge and came out on top. With one customer I used Yeti, Sasquatch and hyena. (this resulted in a laughing fit, very bank appropriate.) I love this word game.
We also have this great customer that everyone knows. She's a little off her wagon, moody, unpredictable and a hoot. She calls up, tells a joke, and then hangs up. (mind you these are laffy taffy jokes) She called us the other day to ask us for the address of the White House. Apparently she wanted to thank the president for her stimulus check. Hmmm... thoughtful.
It's these little charms that brighten up the work place.
On a side note: I am re-reading Twilight and I am not an Edward fan. He is bossy.


  1. Oh my goodness, that is funny. I miss all you guys and the funny customers that come in.

  2. Work may be dull to you, but it provides me with daily entertainment.

  3. Well, despite looking like a Yeti when I woke up this morning, I laughed like a hyena when I read your blog.

    That's a fabulous game.

  4. Love the game, sounds like fun. Good luck with the full time job.

    We missed you on Tuesday at the swim party...there was a serious lack of girls.

    Hopefully we'll see you guys soon!


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