Thursday, June 26, 2008

Airline, Smairline

I get to fly to the big AZ in three weeks. I love to fly. I love the attention flight attendants give you. I love getting ginger ale (my drink of choice on flights). I love having uninterrupted time to read whatever I want. I love buying four different magazines to read on the flight. I love watching my neighbor try to discreetly read said magazines over my shoulder. I love steathily reading their magazines. I love getting greeted at the gate by familiar faces, and acting like we haven't seen each other in years.

I love it.

However, my love for flying is being destroyed. I now have to pay $25 to check my first bag. No problem, I will just pack everything into my carry-on. (Jacob got me this adorable red carry-on, that I would use as a purse but it is so large is could smuggle a small child) I realized this morning in the shower (where I do all my deep thinking) that I can't take ANY of my toiletries in my carry-on. I don't need to be a glamour queen- but I do like what I like.

Then I read that the airline I am flying on is now charging for my complimentary ginger ale. $2. Two whole dollars. That is 3/4 of a magazine. Too bad I can't bring my own ginger ale from home- I feel so desperate that I might even fill up those empty toiletry bottles with 3 oz of ginger ale.

Putting my rant aside, I send out a plea.

Please airline people,
If you must charge me for my bag, don't take away my ginger ale.
I've heard you are planning on charging for tickets by the pound of the passenger. I don't need that kind of pressure. Frisk me if you must, but please at least leave me and my ginger ale alone.


p.s. if you could also have some live entertainment, it would be appreciated. They do it on cruises, why not in the air?


  1. It's a plot to suck as much money out of our already thin wallets as possible. No carry-on liquids, let's charge for checked bags, and then charge people for the drinks they couldn't bring themselves! I hope you are still able to find some joy in your trip! (just watch, they'll raise the price of magazines and ask you to tip the flight attendent for performing the safety charades)

  2. Can you imagine how minutely you could sip a 2 dollar ginger ale? Then maybe lick the cup like a brownie batter in a mixing bowl when you're done.

  3. Well, if the airlines charge tickets by the weight of the passenger - You will almost be FREE !!!!

  4. AMEN is all I have to say to that... in other words I totally agree.


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