Sunday, June 15, 2008

Summerfest and Chunk...

We love Chunk. While blog-stalking (or blog-surfing, you choose) I found this site. Whoever she is, I love her blog. Not only does she showcase local shops, but she also lists fun things to do. We HAD to hop on board and join Friday Night Flicks. Movie starts at dusk, every Friday night at a different park in SLC. (did I mention free popcorn?) Our movie of choice? GOONIES. Nothing says summer like the Truffle-shuffle.

Info for Friday Night flicks here.

Yesterday we rocked out at Summerfest. Sure, the parade was a bit of a snooze this year, but Spencer Doty and his band rocked it out on a diesel truck with his band, Cobet. We did commentary on the entire parade for Miss Melis who is on a mish in "the butt-hole of Oregon". (her words, not mine) Hopefully, she will feel like she was there when she listens to the tape.

This is my sad face having to watch the parade with out Melis. WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!! I had to drown my sorrows in Swedish fish.


  1. steph that looks like so sososo sososo so soosos so much fun! i want to go. and i make that sad face everytime i think about melis.

  2. I do love a good parade!
    Things I love:
    the pretty floats ( brings back fond memories)
    a good marching band ( no memories there)
    the American Flag
    the pretty floats

    Things I could do without:
    emergency vehicles sirens


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