Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Poor Man's Parade

I thought for sure this year's parade was going to be a bust. First, we weren't allowed to camp out like we always do. Second, Melis wasn't going to be here. Third, the Doty clan decided not to come.

But we worked it out and made the best of it and it turned out to be a blast! Smells Fargo had some free bleacher tickets, and I was the only one who wanted them so I scored 8 tickets.

Here's a picture of me and Reag... She loved waving at the princesses.

My dad hadn't been to the parade in over 10 years. He might not go for another 10. We lucked out with a good amount of cloud cover. It did stink to be at the end of the parade, the poor band kids looking like they were about to pass out. Band uniforms are cruel.

The bleachers were perfect, so we could show up late and we got the front row so the kids could sit on a blanket. Okay, I was one of those kids who sat on the blanket.
Me and Jakie- He got new shades and wanted to show them off. I could only find my Olsen Twins shades. Whatever- I wish I was an Olsen twin. "Solve any crime by dinner time." (please tell me some of you used to watch that...)


  1. olson and olson mystery agency!! my favorite is the mystery cruise one-- wow, drama indeed!

  2. I can't believe I braved the elements, the crowd, the crazy people in the crowd, the strange people sitting behind us with 2 dogs - in the crowd. I did it and it WAS SO MUCH FUN. I think we took a ride on the HOT TAMALE PARADE TRAIN!!!
    A very well put together parade.
    Thanks, Steph and Smells Fargo.

    ps- Glenn Beck waved to me. I am not sure if it was because I was standing and cheering louder than anyone else and I rushed his car - but he waved to me!

    pss- I totally cheered for JUAB HIGH MARCHING BAND>


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