Sunday, July 6, 2008

'Cause she's just being Miley

Last minute, we got Stadium of Fire tickets! I am a closet Miley fan. I'll admit that I turn up her song and sing really loud in the car. Miley was super cute and full of energy. (boo to all of you who didn't like it. who did you expect, Whitney Houston?)
Glenn Beck was cool- inspiring and very powerful. The Blue Man group was awesome too. I am dying to see them in Vegas. My favorite part was when they brought 3 army wives on the field and asked them a few questions. Then they put their husbands in Iraq on satellite on the jumbo tron. It was a surprise to the wives and I couldn't help but get a bit teary.

I bet Jacob $5 that I could get a bag of Muddy Buddies and a bottle of water into the stadium. The security always looks through bags thoroughly before they let you in. Let's just say I am $5 richer. I can sneak anything into anywhere. (except airports- I'm not suicidal)
Thanks Ma and Pa Benson. WE HAD A BLAST!!!!!!!!


  1. So fun!!!! Stadium of Fire (Miley or not) is WAY better than the fireworks here at USU. I went to stadium of fire when i was on vacation in utah once...haha. Anyway, I totally know what you are talking about with the newlywed 15 instead of freshman 15 - i'm the same, except more like newlywed 25!! haha. Lets see who can get to three miles without stopping first, then 5, haha

  2. BOO! I wanted to go. Good for you though.. love Glenn and Miley (sad but true!! haha I sing loud too!) and Blue Man Group. Come on... seemed like a blast.

    Lucky kidless girl that can do anything and everything.. you'll get there.. I promise! ha

  3. Wish I could have been there.
    We enjoyed "Sidewalk of Fire" on 8th east. It was great!! We didn't even have to contend with parking. Yeah!

  4. i love muddy buddies.
    enough said.
    i see you in like 2 days!
    i love you!

  5. I loved the Stadium of Fire (mostly the fireworks) but I thought everything else (especially Miley) was definitely very entertaining!

    You can read about it on our blog, but Brad was part of the flag presentation at the beginning and then he and I walked out onto the field with the rest of the soldiers and military family members. It was pretty awesome!


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