Saturday, August 2, 2008

"I've never broke into a house before."

Well me neither. Yesterday was quite the adventure, and all before 9 o'clock. It all started with the dentist at 7 in the morning. I always arrange a designated driver from the dentist when I get laughing gas, as my driving is impaired. Jacob dropped me off and my daddy-o picked me up. Knowing that I was getting chauffeured around, I didn't take anything to the dentist. No purse, no wallet, no keys.

This didn't become a problem, until we reached my house and I realized... WE'RE LOCKED OUT.
Considering that I was wearing jeans (strictly forbodden at work) and my work keys were in there. And I only had 10 minutes to get hair, make-up, and a glam outfit ready. We ended up popping out the screen to our office and my dad had to boost me 6 feet in the air to launch through the open window. (we're thinking about practicing and joining a cheer squad) Not knowing our neighbors very well, I thought for sure they would call the cops. After it was all said and done, my dad looks at me and says, "I've never broken into a house before." I thought: um, me neither.

I'm sure we won't turn into hardened criminals. Breaking into your own house can't be the gateway crime to a life of crime activity.


  1. hey - remember the time we were locked "IN" our apartment....haha

  2. steph.
    you're life makes me smile.
    a lot.
    and i love it!

  3. Never broke into a house, but I have into a car. Okay - not really me breaking into a car, but the friendly neighbor policeman (aka tight butt).
    But hey, a girl has to do what a girl has to do!!


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