Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cavs 102- Jazz 97

Jakie and I went to the Jazz game last night. Sadly, we lost. :( But it was neck-in-neck the whole time.
It was cool to see Lebron James play (but does he need to dunk it everytime? We get it. You can slam dunk.)
Our seats were next to a bunch of Cavalier fans. Sadly, they were hammered and almost ruined the game for us. It was hard not to trash talk right back, but I didn't want to look as dumb as the crazy drunk girl.
She got in a yelling fight with some other fan after the game. She is one classy broad.


  1. Good for you. And as a sidenote: I think you would be a very delightful, well-mannered drunk, but we'll probably never find out.

  2. Ahh - I think Stephanie would be a silly drunk - but let's hope we never have to find out. When she is under anesthesia she has everyone is stitches (no pun intended)!!


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