Saturday, February 14, 2009

I'm a hater...

I'm not sure I can handle anymore of Tatiana Del Toro. She is too much.
I thought Hollywood week was much better this year than last year. Ms. Del Toro drove me crazy from the minute I first saw here.
I only wish we could vote people off like on Survivor. She has got to go. ASAP!
p.s. I do have some love to spread around. I love Jasmine Murray and that choir teacher guy.


  1. I'm a hater too! I really think that was all about ratings. Who would seriously put Tatiana and Norman/Nick through instead of Jamar? I hope they're both gone soon!

  2. Yeah, I'm glad she got voted off. What a drama queen!

  3. what was with the fake accent? It is a good thing she is gone or else I would have to boycott the show.


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