Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Busy, busy

Saying the past week was busy is an understatement.
I mean, all we did was.......
  • Take family pictures with Benson family.
  • Attended a Benson/Brown family dinner to welcome BIL Josh's in-laws. We were in charge of the salad that involved a little drama with the Costco return counter. But my homemade strawberry vinaigrette was delicious. (Is that too heady to say?) I'm proud to become increasingly domestic
  • Sampled the Taste of the Valley. I was stuffed. I'm hoping to make this a yearly event.
  • The big day for Josh and Madison. Between a snoozing FIL, a blazing hot day, a last minute wedding play list compiled by yours truly, and a late night reception clean up, I am pooped. I'm still recovering.
  • One last Benson family hurrah to eat all of the left over party food.

Here's Jacob lifting the weight of the world or a giant paper mache ball.

Yes, we know we aren't tan. And it's summer. I'm terrified of skin cancer, so sue me.

Me, daddy-o and Jacob at the Taste of the Valley. Don't worry, you can all come next year.

The fruits of Jacob's labor. He's very proud of his tomatoes.

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  1. So much fun and so busy! It was great to see you guys last night. I'm bummed that we missed Josh's reception, that would have been fun. I just read your list of 25 things before 25 and I could help you out with a few of those...I love to sew (we could do a project together)...I'm also pretty good at making bread if I do say so myself. I don't have a stick shift car right now...or even access to one, but if you could get a hold of one I'm a mad stick shifter. Let me know :) We'll see you guys tomorrow night for game night.


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