Friday, June 11, 2010


To celebrate graduation, we headed to Disneyland!
I had not been since I was 6 years old, so it was a pretty big deal. 
Since we had a free day pass, I rearranged my finals and 
we went the week before my graduation ceremony.
It was perfect weather and I got to cross of one of the
things on my "25 before 25" list.  (see side bar)

This is a picture of a picture.
Check out Jacob in the front. we. got. soaked.

The obligatory Disney hat picture. at least we didn't buy them.
Because we were Volunt "ears", we got to wear special buttons.
Jacob humored me and wore his all day long. I love him.

At Mr. Toad's car. One of my favorite movies, the dumbest ride.

We saw lots of families from Utah.  
(Note: We will never dress our family in matching college outfits. ahem, BYU fams are pretty big offenders. 
Come on, you know the family. Let's be honest, matching for all ages, collegiate or not should be forbidden)
 One non-collegiate adorned family said they knew we were Mormon after they found out we were from Utah. We took it as a compliment.

Things we learned from Disneyland:
Fast pass is the bomb. Loved it. But we found a balance between getting fast passes 
but not spending the whole time running all over the park.
We should go to the long wait rides during the parade. i.e. Peter Pan. (longest wait)
Thankfully it wasn't very busy and our longest wait was 30 minutes.

We also headed to LA to see the tourist sites. 
We didn't see any celebrities.But we shopped til we dropped. 
I think we went to at least 3 H & Ms. (My absolute fav. store)

Hollywood Walk of Fame. We couldn't find many of our favorite celebrities so I made Jacob pose with his least favorite celebrity, Queen Latifah. For some unexplained reason, he can't stand her. The face says it all.

We went to Santa Monica Pier at the beginning of our trip. 
A little too cold to swim, but we loved the pier and 3rd Street Promenade shopping.

On our last day in LA, we kind of wandered and couldn't quite seem to find what we really wanted.
We checked out USC's campus (which by the way is NOT in Compton).
We ended up eating in Long Beach at a place called the Long Yard. Apparently it is know for their selection of booze. Who knew. It was Cinco De Mayo and our waitress was baffled we weren't getting drunk. The food was delicious and the picture above was our view from our table. Beautiful.

We flew out of Long Beach airport. Seriously tiny. We walked onto the tarmac. 
Not quite as glamorous as the Beatles but still pretty cool. 

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  1. I totally love Peter Pan. Only I do get odd looks from people with small children when I stand in line by myself. Oh well.


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