Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Halloweenie

I'll be honest. I didn't put much thought into Halloween this year.
Jacob had to work late (who schedules inventory on Halloween eve?) and I really like dressing up together.
So maybe I picked up my costume at Wal-mart an hour before trick-or-treating.
My sister was kind enough to house this orphan on All Hallows Eve.

 {Dad and Korianne}

My sister Stacie was my date for the night.
She's not quite 16 and all of her friends were at Sadies.

While it poured at the beginning of the night, the rain stopped and we went trick-or-treating.
Man, it was cold. But it was fun to see niece and nephew run from house to house. 

{Mermaid and Kitten}

While it was a bummer that Jacob had to work, I have peace of mind knowing that Jacob won't have to work at the mall next year. I already have our costumes picked out.......

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