Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The last bit.....

(Stacie circa First grade. So cute)
My littlest sister (ok, she is not little. she's taller than me) turned 16! and she got her license, so beware Utah County drivers. (Just kidding)

 Per tradition in the Fleischer family, we took a limo ride to celebrate. I haven't gotten the pictures yet from my mom but here is my partner in crime. I taught her everything I know.

I roped my family into volunteering with Family Volunteer Day again. I got asked to be a head volunteer from my old friends at UWay, which really means I get to wear the shirt and take lots of pictures.

We patted ourselves on the back and treated ourselves to Harry Potter. Loved it. Can't wait for the next one.

The day ended with a Just Dance party on the Wii and Kiki's house. So much fun. If you haven't tried it, you must.

So... the Blizzard that Wasn't... Blizzard-gate... The Great Blizzard Bust of 2010

Utah meteorologists and media threw up into a frenzy with promises of the "biggest blizzard since 2003." To prepare for the storm, I even got to skip out of work early at 3 p.m. (paid, mind you) to make it home in time.

Well, it didn't happen. Not even a little fleck. Bummer.

While the snow fall was a bust, I am loving a long weekend to celebrate Thanksgiving.

Drive safe blog friends and eat lots!

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  1. That picture in the movie theatre looks so cool!
    You guys barely even got snow?! We got quite a bit of snow, but it wasn't super intense weather conditions or anything. Josh got to leave work early, too.


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