Saturday, January 1, 2011


New Year's Eve was part of a fabulous 4-day weekend. It was spent relaxing, reading in bed, watching Alias (we are soooooo addicted) and just lounging. Yes, lounging is the same as relaxing but I did a lot of both and I loved it.

 New Year's Eve at John and Caroline's. Lots of games (Ticket to Ride, Pit, etc) and food.

 Baby Liam. He was the biggest party animal of all.

Yay for the New Year.
Ok, let's be honest. We kind of forgot and counted down at 12:15. 
The new year still came.

I am not quite sure about making New Year's Resolutions. While I hate the feeling when I don't accomplish them, my love of lists has won out.

- Try a new recipe every week. (Thanks, Mom for the Food Network Magazine subscription!)
- Wash my face every night, no matter how tired I am.
- Spend more time: with Jacob, sewing, reading.
- Stop channel surfing. Nothing good is on anyway.
- Do my best in everything. No halfsies. No regretting that I should have done better, because I already did my best.

Happy new year! 2011. That sounds weird.

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