Wednesday, May 18, 2011

D.C. The Final Act

We spent our final day finishing up our last requests. We only had a half day so we had to knock it out.

The first stop was the National Gallery of Art- West Building. And oh my. It was wonderful. I could have stayed all day long. It was quiet, breathtaking and I felt so cultured.

We rolled through the statue section. Got yelled at for taking a picture (this time I really didn't see the sign!) and squeaked a lot with our wet shoes (it rained) in the quiet museum. I loved it.
The NGA owns (showcases? has? I'm not sure which) the only Da Vinci in the Western Hemisphere. It was not what I expected. Maybe I'm not a fan of Da Vinci.
We saw plenty of famous artwork, including some by Degas, Renior, Monet. You know, the bigs.

Art students filled the galleries (which you could get lost in easily) sketching, drawing and painting. Her copy is identical. Oh, to have such talent.
The American History Museum was next. By this time we were hitting the end of our museum capacity and this one was packed with crazed school kids. But I had enough attention span to marvel at the gallery of the First Ladies inaugural gowns. Mrs. O's above.

Downstairs was Julia Child's kitchen. This was the best section of the whole museum. She was wonderful.
Our last act in D.C. was to touch the Washington Monument-- something Jacob was dying to do.
Standing at the base and looking up is dizzying.
We tried to rush home, but had some delays with trying to exchange a Metro ticket.
Which delayed our packing and getting to the airport.
Even with a threat that our luggage might not make it home because we were 'late arrivals', we made it safe and sound at home (with our luggage).

Goodbye, D.C.
We miss you already!!!


  1. Stephanie, Very nice story about your trip. It makes me want to go visit DC.

  2. What an amazing trip! Thank you for all of the details and pictures...

  3. Cool trip! You guys really packed it all in. That's fun you got to see Matthew and Kim too. Have you ever watched Julie and Julia? There's a scene at the end when Julie visits Jullia Child's kitchen in DC and leaves a pound of butter there. Did you notice if the butter was still there???

  4. @Karisa and John- I forgot about that part in the movie! It was really crowded in that area, but I didn't see the butter there. I should have looked!


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