Friday, June 24, 2011


I do declare that summer is finally here.
It has been a tease, but the 90 degree plus weather proves otherwise.
I penned a list a mile long for our summer bucket list, but June is practically over and we are so behind.
It is this job thing that is getting in the way. ;)
My niece asked me if I got work off for the summer.
When I told her no, she responded with, "Poor you."

I think we will try and make the most of our three-day weekends this summer.

My padre turned 50!
And I, apparently, look 15.

Summer equals outdoors. What better way to satisfy the natural order of summer than an outdoor concert.
The Rooftop Concert Series was just that.
On the first Friday of every month in the summer, there is a concert on the top of a parking garage in P-town.
And we're not talking hometown heroes plucking away on a guitar. (Well, one was a hometown hero but she was awesome.) We caught Ran Innes, Mindy Gledhill and Meaghan Smith. Wonderful.

And we finally planted our garden!
After battling with ridiculous weather, we finally bit the bullet and planted our garden.

Our chives and oregano are still alive from last year. (Who knew they were perennials?)
And a parsley plant from a seed that never materialized grew over winter.

 Summer also brought one of the best sales of my life.
Mod Bod had a case lot sale. $15 for as many things as you can stuff into the bag.
The record was 13; I conceded at 12. (11 tanks/cap sleeve plus a swim suit top. Score.)

This year Summer Fest actually felt like summer.
No winter coats, just shorts and blankets.
While the parade felt like a constant commercial with all of the business "floats," it still was pretty good.
And the fireworks were awesome.
Well played, Summer Fest.

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