Friday, September 9, 2011


Would you believe it?

I turned 25. The big two-five.
I am feeling old.
Not geriatric old, but older in a sense where I feel more established.
Which is weird because at work if you aren't over 80 years old you aren't considered old.
But I do feel older.
Like, now I am 25 and I have outgrown many "young" things I used to enjoy.
Until a senior told me that I looked too young to have a job. Or to be married.


My actual birthday was spent in Zion and the whole jumping out of a plane thing. But I found ways to extend the birthday celebration beyond just one day.
That's how I roll.

The fam gathered together for a birthday barbecue after we got home from the family reunion.

On the menu, my favorites: bratwurst (every German loves 'wurst. I am such a German), Momma's homemade corn salsa, whipped Jell-O.

And my sistah made me a cookie cake! (well a bunch of cookies stacked like a cake)
It was delicious.
Moo makes the best cookies.
Even though she is painfully stingy with her cookie dough.

The next weekend Jacob took me out for a my choice dinner and movie date.
We hit up the trendy Spark restaurant where Moo works.

My handsome carnivore enjoying his steak.

Spark specializes in non-alcoholic drinks.
Their most popular: a Shirley Temple topped with cotton candy.
Since we were the only people in the restaurants (we ate like seniors and dined at 5:30 to make our movie), Moo hooked me up with just the cotton candy.
It pays to know people on the inside.

After dinner we saw....
I fell in love with the book last summer.
Seriously, I felt a little empty when I finished the book and there wasn't anymore to read.

The movie was wonderful. It is even male approved by Jacob who was surprised with how much he liked it.

25 is turning out to be not so bad.

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