Sunday, December 18, 2011

Family reunion: Murder Mystery style

The second night for our family reunion dazzled all with a murder mystery party.

This was my first dabbling in a murder mystery-ing.
Honestly, we had no idea what to expect.
Now I know to only expect hilarity.

The theme was Murder Under the Big Top.
If you haven't murder mysteried before, here is how it goes.
Everyone gets assigned a part. Before the party you get some background info on your character and a little details about shady dealings with other characters. Costumes are extremely encouraged.
At the party you are given tasks to complete. They range from blackmailing people for information, accusing people of stealing/cheating/murdering/lying, and the like.
Half way through, someone is murdered. And evidence is presented.
After reviewing the evidence, you place your vote for who the murderer is.

Jens took his part as the concessions salesman to heart.
And won every award. (At the end we vote for who we thought was the best actor, funniest, best costume, etc. Jens won every award.)

The strong man.
(Carny food was served. Corndogs and sloppy joes. You know, the classy stuff.)

Mandy Smalls, the two-headed woman.

Ruby the Clown and Finley Fiscal, the ticket taker.

 Malorie was a...... matador? Ice skater? Knife swallower?
Stacie played the tattooed woman.

More mustaches.
The furry adhesives added spark to many a costume.

Erin played the tight-rope walker who was eventually murdered.

Look at this face.
Wouldn't you trust that face?
Well that, my friends, is the face of a murderer.

It is always the quiet ones.....

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