Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas is in the details

I feel a bit ripped off from this Christmas season.
It came in so quickly and left even more swiftly.
I barely had a chance to register that it was the holidays.
And for that I feel bummed.
The lack of holiday-ness is more my fault.
I didn't slow down and really take advantage of the beautiful season.

I blame the lack of snow. (I'm talking to you, Utah weather! Snow already!)

However, the Christmas spirit was still found in the details.

Right before Christmas we bought a 5 pound bag of clementines....
which resulted in a very, very happy Jacob.

Then his parents gave us another 3 pounds.
We have been eating clementines with every meal.

My favorite Christmas decor is the smokers at my parent's house.
Smokers are like nutcrackers, but you put a little incense in them and they smoke. (notice the smoke above his hat)
I think they are German (?) and my family has been collecting them for years.
The one above is my favorite.
I picked him out when my G-ma and I were in Germany in 2005.
I hope to inherit it one day. (hint, hint Padre.)
We were given a nutcracker to start our own Benson collection.

In the midst of holiday mayhem, I got my Martha Stewart on by making a pine cone elf.
Pinterest for the win!
(I found my pinecone at the church parking lot. And I took it. Am I going to hell?)

One of my favorite holiday tradition is our advent calendars from my grammy (the German one, melissa).
One chocolate a day is the best way to count down Christmas.
(Does it seem like all of my Christmas traditions are German? I feel like Christmas is just German.)

Glitter took over our house.
I experimented with some glitter, clothespins and mod podge to create some magnets for some gifts.

Glitter is an instant mood booster.

Now I want to glitter everything.....


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