Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finishing Out July

Our good friends Bob and Erika and their brood moved to Missouri.
We wanted one last trip together to say a proper goodbye in St. Jeezy.
The weekend was pure relaxation (plus a bit of girl-time shopping) so I didn't take any pictures.
But we did get this one with the whole group (I'm really starting to master self-timer on my camera).

Right as we were about to leave Ivins received a torrential downpour.
The streets flooded and we were hit by quarter-size hail.
We made it home without a scratch, but getting out of the storm was a nail biter.

I adore live music and I love things that are free.
Enter in the Provo Rooftop Concert Series: free concerts on the rooftop of a parking garage.

This concert was a tribute to Tom Petty songs performed by a dozen incredible artists.

The music lovers.

Earlier that day we went sailing with my Padre.
Our beloved sailboat is living its last summer with us and we are all getting a turn for a final ride.

We gathered our friends together to see 7 Brides for 7 Brothers at Sundance.
Sundance provides the perfect atmosphere for an outdoor show, especially an outdoorsy musical like this one.

Baby sister Stacie was the drummer for the show, and my oldest sister Korianne music directed and played Millie that night.

The group (most of us, at least).

July screamed by.

We just had too much fun.

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