Saturday, October 27, 2012

Day 13.5: Overnight Trains and Drugs

Our overnight train left Milan and was destined for Paris.

Trying to save a little bit of money, we did not book a private compartment. Nothing new here since we shared our compartment on our previous overnight train. We were, however, surprised to find that on this train we were booked in a six-person compartment.

That's right, people.
Triple bunks.

To add to the hilarity, Jacob was booked on the bottom bunk and I was on the top. A chatty Italian boy and his female companion were in between us. A quiet nondescript twenty-something man slept across from me.

This gave me the giggles (because really, there was nothing else to do but laugh). After getting settled, we  turned off the lights and went to sleep.

At two in the morning, our compartment door slammed open and the lights were flashed on. An Italian policeman began shouting. Dazed and blinded by the light (I was closest to the light bulb), I was disoriented as the scene began to unfold.

The officer shouted the name of the boy sleeping across from me. With their faces close together, the policeman shouted questions in the boy's face to no avail. The boy stood there silent.

After his fruitless attempt for answers, he shouted, "What language do you speak!?"

**This is where is gets fuzzy. You see, I remember it happening in English but Jacob remembered it in Italian. It was late and we'll really never know what happened. But I digress.**

The boy stood there, continuing his plea of silence. After searching his bag, the policeman grabbed the boy and shouted "Where are your friends!?" At this point, I peeked over the edge (bad timing, Steph) but I am sure my shocked face was enough to convince the policeman of my innocence.

The mute boy was led away and another policeman began a search throughout the compartment. Under one of the bottom bunks he quickly found what he was looking for: a clear baggy of a white substance. Our dear, compartment mate was smuggling drugs.

The officers quickly left us stunned in silence.

I just thought, that. just. happened.

About an hour later, Mr. Silence came back in, got into bed and fell asleep. At daylight, he woke up and left. All without a single word.

And you can bet your bottom dollar that we spent the rest of our trip exclaiming "What language do you speak?" and "Where are your friends?!"to each other in stern Italian accents. 

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