Saturday, November 3, 2012

Excursions From Paris

With Paris as our home base, we visited the chateaux nearby.

Loire Valley
We spent the day touring the chateaux in the Loire Valley.
First off was Chateau Chambord, a massive often stark structure featuring an incredible double helix staircase.

The details are extraordinary.

Next up was Chateau de Cheverny.
This was my favorite chateau. We practically had the place to ourselves and the grounds were immaculate.
It is a living and working chateau with a family who lives there (in the part of the home you do not tour) and it houses hunting dogs who are smellier than you might imagine. 
If you time it right, you can plan your visit for the feeding of the dogs. I had no such desires, but still thought the dogs were cute-ish.

exterior of chateau | hound dogs
beautiful gardens | idyllic homes

town of Blois | the best souvenir pillow ever
macaroons | pastry shop of my dreams

On a different morning we visited Chateau de Versailles, which is just outside of Paris.
It is monumental with an even more monumental line. Go early, I say.
Inside was a zoo. I had to fight that crowd {right} to get the photo on the left.
I made it out unscathed and only slightly ruffled.
Crowds are herded from room to room as we are given an idea about the validity behind the French Revolution.
To say it is ornate is to call a ball gown kind of dressy.
Once in the gardens we were able to breathe.
The manicured gardens and peculiar shaped bushes.
Marie Antoinette's village so she could escape and pretend to be a village girl was fascinating and strange all at the same time.

The chateaux we visited were extravagant, gorgeous and colorful. 
The change of scenery did us some good as we tried to conquer the City of Lights.

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