Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Awesome and Awkward- May 2013 Edition

  • Someone ate my lunch at work. The lunch that had my name written on it in Sharpie. I totally pulled a Ross with a "You ate my sandwich?! Myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy saaaannnndddwwiiiiich!!!!!!!!!"
  • Being asked to spot another yogi while doing handstands in yoga class. All cool except that he's a dude with hairy legs and billowy shorts. He's all grab my legs so I don't fall! and I'm hitting them against the wall, trying to not. touch. the. hairy. legs. It's not a yoga class without a minor spaz-out.
  • Walking by our game shelf only to hear the Scattegories timer keeps going off. When no one has touched it. And I was home alone... 
  • Found my first gray hair. At 26 years old. what?!
  • Jacob's new job (new since January) is two blocks away from my office. Hello, lunch dates and pick-nicks! And today we even drove to work together. Ever heard anything so romantic?
  • I have my own intern! While it seems trivial, having my own intern (someone who asks how I got where I am- what?!) is kind of like checking off one box in the "made it" category in life. The semester is over and I hired two interns for the summer. My ego is getting just too big at this point.
  • Celebrating my Grammy's 89th birthday! Water aerobics with the ladies was a highlight.
  • Coming home from a weekend trip just to pack up and leave for another. Any sightseeing tips for northern CA and the Redwoods?

*Awkward and Awesome first featured on The Daybook. Girl needs to start doing it again.

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