Saturday, June 29, 2013

Supa Moon

Did you catch the "super moon" last weekend?

We viewed the huge moon up the canyon on one of the popular peaks in the area also known as the make out point by local high schoolers and college kids with too many roommates. Not saying how I know that.

We missed the prime viewing because we were in a movie, but I was still in awe by how bright it was later at night.
I have no aptitude for science, but I am so fascinated by the moon and eclipses.
Our world (and universe) is truly beautiful.

Speaking of a movie, we finally saw "The Great Gatsby," one of my favorite books.
Oh Leo, Tobey, Carrie.
I adored it.
Beautiful, tortured and classic. Plus, the soundtrack rocked.

Have you seen it yet?

Other photos of the super moon found here and here.

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