Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine Card Round Up

Even though we tend to keep Valentine's a low-key affair, I  love to leave Jacob funny Valentine's throughout the week hidden in his lunch, briefcase, wedged in his laptop, etc. Most of the ones I send are completely random and off-key, so I hope he gets a good laugh every time he finds them.

A recent crop of hilarious Valentine's have been popping up just in time for the big day. Hope they'll inspire some for your love.

Truth. But seriously. Card via emilymcdowelldraws on Etsy 
 Mean Girls Valentine's (my personal fave) via Buzzfeed
HP Valentine's via tumblr
 Villain Valentine's via Buzzfeed
 Obligatory punny cards via Jared Andrew Schorr

More punny printables found here and here.

Happy Valentine's, loves!

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