Monday, April 7, 2014

Chiang Mai: The sights

For a small town, Chiang Mai has more than its fair share of temples.
The city center is dotted with temples.
We spent our last morning in Chiang Mai visiting the most popular temples.

Some monks engage in what is called "monk chat," where you can ask them questions and they can practice English. The monk we met was hilarious. When I asked where he was from, he replied, "my mother."

 There definitely should be more dragons in this world.

We drove up the winding mountain to Doi Suthep, a gilded temple atop the mountain built in 1383. Clouds surrounded the platform overlooking the city so it felt like we were a city in heaven.

We had a short encounter with tigers.
It was a surreal and weird experience.
Ethically, I am not sure how I feel about it so this is the only picture I will show.
But I will say that they are beautiful animals.
Every trip should really focus around food. 
Ours sure did.
We incorporated food and markets for the perfect combination.
Chiang Mai has its own flair on both.
I ate approximately 20 of those dumplings.

Pair that with the Sunday walking street and night market, and you have the perfect Thai town.

They even sent us off to Bangkok with soup in a bag.
Asia rocks.

If you visit Chiang Mai

Must see: Doi Suthep, any of the other beautiful temples
Must eat: smoothies blended on every corner
Must do: day cooking class

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