Monday, September 8, 2014

Bryce is Nice: Part II

^ I present to you a morning progression of light. ^

Sunsets aren't much at Bryce Canyon.
But sunrises, yes, the sunrise is where it is at.
The early-morning sun kisses the hoodoos, waking up the valley with a soft, orange glow.
It gets crowded at Sunrise Point (go figure) well before the sunrise, and I am glad that we stumbled out of our tent to see the whole show.

Also noteworthy, this trip was inaugural trip of OUR tent and sleeping bags.
Considering I used to hate camping, this is a big deal.

You know the age old story seen on countless other blogs:
girl hates camping, girl goes once and discovers it isn't as bad as she thought.
It's all true, and it is getting serious.
Like "just created a camping Pinterest board" kind of serious.

Bryce Canyon National Park is my favorite.
Have you been?

Bryce Canyon at night found here.

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