Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dead Sea in Jordan

With a name like the Dead Sea, I expected the Dead Sea to look and smell, well, dead.

But in our experience, the name a misnomer: it was alive and thriving. We decided (for once) to shell out some cash to stay in a nice hotel with a private beach on the Dead Sea.

It was a rare time that we actually took a day to relax and do nothing except float.

Without sounding over the top, it is the coolest feeling to just lift up your feet and float effortlessly. I tried floating in the swimming pool at the hotel and it is a stark difference.

Dead Sea chilling, because that's what you do there. Swimming is near impossible because you have to keep your head above water (it stings soooo bad if it gets in your eyes).

The Dead Sea is has 34.2% salinity, which is 9.6 times saltier than the ocean. It is also the earth's lowest elevation on land.

So essentially you are soaking in a brine.

Aside from soaking your body in a brine, you also get a free spa treatment courtesy of the Dead Sea mud.

You guys. My skin was so soft. I am a believer in all things Dead Sea.

You'd think it was just as easy as getting in and floating. And really, it is. But here are some tips that will help make your float a little more pleasant.

Don't Shave

Don't shave at least three days before you visit the Dead Sea. You will discover cuts you never knew that you had. It stings!

Also, keep your head above water as much as you can. You will be so buoyant, it would be hard to get it under water, but... If it gets in your eyes, it will sting for a few minutes. Our hotel had shower head just out of the water so you can rinse off the salt.

Embrace luxury 

The easiest thing to do is stay in a hotel that lines the Dead Sea. If not, you will be paying to access a hotel's beach or paying for the public beach which had many mixed reviews.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza and it was beautiful. Don't worry about towels, you can borrow some just by the beach.

Free mud is available. Your skin will never be smoother. Trust me.

When in Jordan...

Kitschy, yes, but what better place to catch up on fashion trends than floating in the Dead Sea?! I had everyone around me laughing and I this photo got me into Glamour's Where Have you Been!

Enjoy! The Dead Sea was a truly unique experience. Email me with any questions at stephaniefbenson {at} gmail {dot} com.

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