Sunday, December 30, 2007

If 2008 is anything like 2007...

2007 was the biggest year for me-

This year started out big with two things. I finally quit American Eagle. After working there for 5 years, it was more than time to leave. I just had to leave. Aim, Carrie, and Melis know what it is like there- so it was good to leave. And when I got accepted to the University of Utah, I had the perfect excuse to quit. I started Spring semester as an International Studies major.
A special thanks to Melis for helping me find all of my classes and buy my books. (I would've had an anxiety attack without you.)

I also started dating an American Eagle employee. Some of you may know him- ...

Here's a picture from one of our fun dates to the zoo. Yes, we are in an egg.

Aimee started it all of by being the first of our group to get married. It was beautiful and I was honored to be a bridesmaid. I let Jacob think he was my date when we all know my date was Allie. I was so glad she married Worby and I loved that he and I had a class together. That really helped me relax during my first semester because I didn't know anyone.

For some reason my concert addiction dwindled down this year, but not before seeing Mae perform with All-American Rejects, Sherwood, and our favorite band: the Audition. We got to meet the entire band of Mae, but the drummer was Melis's favorite. And they were really down-to-earth.

This year also brought a memorable road trip, as we met Allie and Kelli in Vegas for another concert. Cartel, Boys Like Girls, Quietdrive, and Cobra Starship (gross) played the show at the House of Blues. The drive down was a blizzard, but the weather was so nice in Vegas. This picture is of the whole group (Jacob, Me, Seanzie, Adam, Melis, Allie, and Kelli) in front of the Bellagio.

This was also the last year that my cousins Erin and Phil were going to be living in New York, so I took one last trip over spring break and I took Melis with. We had an amazing time- it was my third time- but there were still a lot of firsts. My first time seeing Rent and Drowsy Chaperone on Broadway, experienced a crazy snowstorm, got lost in Brooklyn, participated in a protest with the hippies at NYU, and watched the St. Patricks Day parade- which is where we are in the picture below.

In May, I GOT ENGAGED!!!!!!!!!!! Jacob proposed to me overlooking the twinkling lights of the valley. It was the best night. He was planning to propose and I had no idea. We were at my parents house playing games and I kept wanting to play more and more- when we finally left their house it was 2 hours after Jacob had planned to propose. I guess it's the end that matters, because we got engaged that night!

While Aspen Grove isn't a new thing this year, it was a first for Jacob to attend our family reunion for the week. Jacob wasn't able to come up for the whole week but he was able to come for rock climbing, the Family Follies, the friendly game of Assasin (Uncle Jens: we will get you next year!), and a little water coloring.

The group is Christine, Kris, Dad, me, and Jacob right before we started the ropes course.

The best day of my life happened this year on August 9th. I married my best friend, Jacob.

We went to Park City for our honeymoon and it was fabulous! We were so happy to go someplace where we didn't have to travel very far, and it was beautiful and we can't wait to go back again! One of our favorite things we did while we were there was taking a lift up Deer Valley and overlooking Park City on one side and Jordanelle and down to the Provo River on the other side.

But we decided that one honeymoon was just not enough and we went on a cruise to San Diego; Catalina Island; Ensenada, Mexico. It was a first for both of us to go on a cruise and we loved it. I did get a little sea sick but Sea World was awesome.

It was not the first Halloween that Jacob and I had dressed up with each other ( we were a 70's couple last year), but that season brought more first's. I cut my hair short after growing it long for a couple of years. It was crazy but I am so glad that I cut it. Why is it so hard for girls to cut off their hair? I felt like I should buy new outfits or something- but I love it!

Thanksgiving was a blast. Jacob was the winner of our First Annual Ugly Sweater Contest. How could he lose with those shoulder pads? (the bear didn't hurt)

We had a fabulous Christmas this year. Christmas Eve was spent with my family as we showed Jacob our yearly traditions of dinner by candlelight and re-enacting the nativity. We spent the night so we could sit on the stairs like I have done every year before we could see all of our treasures.

And the New Year started out great. We played games and the Wii with my family.

I've heard that people say the way you spend your New Year is how you spend the rest of your year. If the rest of the year is spent with my family and the best looking guy I know- then it will be a good year.

Happy New Year! Here's to a great 2008!


  1. Steph--What a great post! 2007 was a fabulous year for you. I'm sure you will make so many more wonderful memories in 2008! Sure wish I lived closer so we could have lunch sometime!

  2. steph. 2007 was the best year for me also.
    your year looked great. i am SOOOO happy i was a part of it!
    i love you so much.
    maybe tooo much. naw, never.
    tell jakie i love him.
    i love you.

  3. Steph! So much fun! I loved 2007! We need to get together more in 2008 though I miss seeing you all the time!

  4. I love our life. And I love your life. Remember new years eve for 2007. A california new years for some. I said- 2007 is going to be great, I can feel it.

    I was right.

    2008 not as great for I will be far away.

    Just wait for 2010. Then we shall reunite and life will be the best again because I will be back with you, my BFF!

    I miss you!


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