Saturday, September 20, 2008

Becoming Culturally Inspired...

Last week I (slightly) twisted Jacob's arm to do a couple of cultural things. It was a jam packed weekend and I had more I wanted to do, but it was still so much fun.

We started the weekend out of Friday, watching the amazing French film, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly at BYU international cinema. Wow. I had heard great things but I really enjoyed this movie. The movies were supposed to be edited, and they were. They edited the French and still printed it in English. The students giggled everytime they saw an expletive in print. The place was packed. Jacob hadn't even heard of the event. I don't even go there and I still know where the hotspot is.

This is us being French. I might have to practice my French face more.

Saturday we told all of our friends about the Indian Festival, and we ended up going alone. (boo to people who hate culture) I had just finished Hinduism in my World Religions class. I felt so smart, telling Jacob what everything meant.

The festival was held at the Krishna temple in Spanish Fork- gorgeous. And kind of random.

Jacob tried on some traditional garb. I think he looks very glamorous. I left with a very chic scarf.

The main event was a popular epic which ends when the hero kills the ten-headed (naturally) demon with flaming arrows. This is the before...

The after....

The stars of the epic gladly posed for a little photo-op with us.

After the show, a band played as everyone was leaving. Except, the music wasn't traditional. The lead singer was playing an electric guitar and the first song sounded remarkably like the opening chords of "play that funky music". Some sample lyrics...
"When I say Hare, you say Krisha" "Hare, Krishna"
I felt like I was at a very oddly dressed rock show. I loved it.

Today I am planning on heading to the Provo Farmer's market- hope that I don't get stuck in game day traffic. I hate football.


  1. I like the flaming multi-headed god picture!

    I think I've been to that festival before. Is that the one with llamas?

  2. llama fest is in the summer- but the llamas live right next door. i know so because i could see them. mostly because i could smell them.

  3. oh my. that is so exciting! looks like you guys are very cultural-ish.
    miss you guys!


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