Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cotton Candy and Birthdays

Phew. It has been a busy week. But a fun one.
It was Jacob's birthday on Friday- the big 2-5. I remind him every day how old he is. Consider it my little gift to him. :) (and yes, I know, my summer tan has officially left me. the flash is my worst enemy.)

For his actual birthday, we went to his favorite place, Tucanos. There I ate pineapple to my hearts content and even impressed the waiter with my Portuguese. All 3 phrases that I know. But at Tucanos, knowing the phrase "Give me pineapple" is really resourceful.

We had a little birthday BBQ in the park. After a few set backs when we got there, the whole party turned out great! Thankyou to all the friends and family that came. It was a BLAST!

Rewind to last weekend: We went to the Farmer's Market in P-town. It was simple and small. Perfect for an overcast Saturday morning.
You can find anything there. I got funky handmade earrings and red bell peppers (for a steal!).

We got some cotton candy. It was the size of a small child.
But perfect for cotton candy mustaches.

Phew. Busy week.


  1. Happy Birthday J-Dawg! Sounds like you guys had a great time. 25 is totally not old. only gets worse from here. :) (just ask Phil)

    I had to do a double take of your farmers market pictures. I was trying to figure out who that other girl was and I realized it was Malorie! She looks so grown up!

  2. Yeah Jacob! Happy Birthday to both of us!

    Great BBQ guys! See you soon!

  3. Happy Birthday Jakie Pooh,
    we are so very lucky to have you,
    part of the family.
    Here's to many more.

    ps- this is the only time you will be half my age.

  4. Hey! Give me a call - 435.770.5984. You would be the BEST to shoot. I know I would get awesome pictures! We have to do it really soon though. I'll write you on facebook too just in case you don't get this ;)

  5. My birthday was on Sat.. the big 25! I am old!


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