Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Jacob and I had a little stay-cation and played tourist in SLC.
I love Temple Square in the summer. Sad part was they were doing construction.
FYI: The older visitor center has an awesome new exhibit of the prophets.

Can't get over this seat in the Tabernacle. Seriously, who is supposed to sit there?

It's all fun and games when the Benson's play tourist.

We also visited the newest addition to the Benson fam: Little Liam.

We've also been volunteering with United Way's Summer of Service. 
Technically it is for teens so we have been going with Bug. (my youngest sister)
For the first project we rode our bikes up the canyon to pull some weeds in a park.

 [Bug and Jacob]
This picture kills me. Neither of them went to OHS.

We also celebrated my fabulous mother's birthday.
It has become tradition in our house to sing Happy Birthday in the Disney version.
My mom dances the entire time. Classic.

and this.....

we found this pattern at the fabric store.
Who. In. their. right. mind?
We laughed so hard the other shoppers started to stare.
If only they knew....

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