Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Pioneer children sang as the walked.....

This past weekend was Pioneer Day in Utah.
We did not do anything pioneer-ish. No stick-pole or cow pie tosses.
We did, however, eat a lot and went to the movies:
a true American holiday.
We celebrated our ancestors by eating at
Taste of the Valley for the 2nd year in a row.
Taste of the Valley is where local restaurants set up booths and
you buy a ticket to sample from each of them. 
Restaurants included P.F. Changs, CPK, Cafe Paesan (crowd fav),
Spoon Me, Good Wood, Krispy Kreme and more I can't remember.
This year we paired up and shared a ticket.
We left full, not bloated like last year.

Sadly we were too busy stuffing our faces to take any pictures.

We also saw Letters to Juliet. Clean and cute. 
Except for the last line. It was too cheesy for my likes.
It did give me a hankering to visit Italy. Real bad.
Any takers?

Yesterday I took my nephew K for a play date. He is a really cool kid. You would like him.
With our pockets full of nickels we headed to Nickelcade. 

If you know me, you know that I am not a big fan of video games. 
But I think Nickelcade can be a fun treat for a cool kid on a HOT day.

My game of choice. I swear I only played it 3 times.
Unlike the creepy old man that played Tetris for the ENTIRE time we were there.

K even humored me and took ridiculous pictures. 
I think this relationship is going to work.

Here he is rocking out on the Popcorn game. 
We wisely spent our 200 tickets and got candy.

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