Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fireworks, Camp outs and Snuggies

After a two year hiatus, we camped out for Provo's Freedom Parade. 
Melissa really is the anchor of our group and 
I am glad we were able to rock it out for her first 4th since her mish.

Camping out had many special moments: (in no special order)
  • Standing-room only party at 7-11. What will these crazy kids think up next?
  • Nerts, Catch Phrase, Cranium Pop Culture until 2 in the morning.
  • Weird chanting from the group at the Provo Library. What was going on over there anyway?
  • A hilarious announcer for the parade. Different voices and accents for each float. Love it.
  • A scooter gang dragging the Ave.
  • A bicycle gang dragging the Ave.
  • One of the cyclists had an amp blaring music strapped on the back of his bike. Hilarious.

Melissa spent the night stylishly in a Snuggie. 
I am a little put out she didn't bring her second one for me. :)

This year's parade was pretty good. Love the balloon animals in the parade.
Although, the chopper part of the parade is my favorite. 
Isn't that why we have motorcycle cops in the first place?

We had a patriotic BBQ with Jacob's family and then one with mine.
I think we are a bit BBQ'd out. We ate ALL weekend.
We borrowed the neighbor's Snowie machine. 
(but my mama got one for her birthday! Snow cones anytime!)

My dad giving my Grams a ride on his bike car. 

Great weekend. I am still recovering.

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