Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Would you like to ride in my beautiful balloon......

4th of July BALLOON FEST!

Balloon Fest has become a yearly tradition for us. 
My mom used to take me when I was little so we've kept up the tradition in our little family.
Don't get me wrong, we are not what you would call morning people. 
But something about giant hot air balloons does it for me, so we get up at the crack of dawn for them.

We heard rumors that they canceled Balloon Fest the day before because of wind.
While it didn't feel very windy to us, the balloons were bouncing all over the place so only a few even tried to blow theirs up. Sadly the Coke bottle (my personal fav. Love the fun shape!) didn't make it. 
Only three of the balloons actually took off when the wind died down for a minute.

This is what the sky should have looked like on the day we were there.
Thankfully the wind didn't stop them on the last day of Balloon Fest (the day of the big parade).

Watching fire being blown into the piggy bank shaped balloon. 
A crowd favorite. Especially when children and grownups alike try and jump up to hit one of its legs. 
(Ahem, Jacob)
My fav has always been Smokey the Bear, which, 
unfortunately, did not get blown up on the day we were there.

we got to meet him!
Truth be told, I had to fight some kids off to get a picture.
And to convince Jacob to take it.
FYI: Right before this picture Smokey put his arm around me and tickled my chin. 
Odd. But I kinda liked it.

Has anyone ever noticed that Smokey has a muffin top?
Just sayin'.

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  1. Love the festivities at the Freedom Festival! I really need to set my alarm and get up and see the balloons. What a favorite memory I have of going.


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