Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Making a list, checking it twice....

More than a year ago I decided to make a list of goals.
25 Before 25 (see side bar on left)
I love lists. 
Only yesterday did I learn that my neurotic list making 
is hereditary from my Grandma Tilly. 
(good to know it is something that can't be helped. Can't change genes ya know)

I started my 25 Before 25 because I wanted to be better.
Learn more things. And I wanted to make a list.

I have been slowly crossing some off and working on others.
 My birthday reminded me that I needed to get cracking.

Here is some of my progress....

No. 16
Make homemade bread.
Having been spoiled my whole life by my momma,
I decided it was time to learn how to make bread myself.

Here's my first batch. Obvs had trouble making them the same size.
Truth be told, I still have that trouble. But they taste the same.

No. 20
Sew something. Anything.

 The first successful thing I made was an adult version of this skirt.
I used some extra fabric to make my cutie niece one.
Don't things always look cuter when they are bite size?
I am very proud of the pockets. Oh yeah.

More updates on my list soooooooon.


  1. Okay, so a few of those on your list you could dove-tail into one big Saturday of accomplishments. For example, spend the morning sky-diving, the afternoon scanning old pictures, the evening going to the humane society to buy a pet, and the late evening reading through a CPR training book. Check, check, check, check. It would be the most satisfying day!

    By the way, grad school! YAY! You decided! Where are you thinking? Anywhere in Wisconsin, by any chance?? What program are you applying for?

  2. You are a good bread baker! I am so proud of you.
    I wish I could wear cute skirts with sassy pockets - then I would have you make me one as well!

  3. Karisa- I should get a Saturday and knock some out!

    Still deciding on grad school. It was a big goal when I made the list a year ago and I hope it can still work out.

  4. Don't forget to blog about your t-shirt quilt...


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