Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cowboy Birthday Party

We drove our tractor down to Nephi for my cousin's baby's first birthday party.
Cowboy style. Western dress encouraged. I was so there.
I wonder what about plaid makes things seem Western. **

We tried talking like cowboys the whole dinner, 
but after a few "rootin' tootin's" I ran out of cowboy-isms.

 Cutie nephew Chase.
I warmed him up by sharing my snowcone with him.
Never underestimate the power of sugar water.

 Heather, Jay, Reagan

Playing Cops and robbers. We were both.

A cowboy BBQ is nothing without spontaneous heel clicks.
I think we're getting pretty good.

And of course, a horse-shaped pinata.

My cowboy. Ok, my city slicker.
Yes, the hat does have a Superman symbol on it.
I can't explain it.


**My hat is a real cowboy hat. I bought it at the Ute Stampede.
That same year I was licked by a horse.
It was traumatizing.


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