Tuesday, August 3, 2010

And just like the movies, we play out our last scene

Like any young, college-aged students, we like things that are free.
This especially means we like free outdoor movies.
Someone in my parent's hood...
(which, by the way, my mom learned is short for neighborhood. 
just call me a personal urban dictionary)
plays outdoor movies on their own blow-up screen for anyone who wants to come.
All shows are family movies, because, you know, it's for the kids.

We had fun with the camera waiting for the movie to start. 
They also had a candy canon beforehand. Loves it.

 The screen is set on a hill so people in front don't obstruct too much of the view.

In other news....

So You Think You Can Dance has been touting a National Dance Day.
Apparently they had a dance that everyone 
(meaning the dance lovers and a like) were supposed to learn.
I was visiting Jacob at work when dancers spontaneously busted a move in the middle of the mall.
For a second, it was like it was in an episode of Glee.

And for your viewing pleasure....

Jacob and I saw this guy on the side of the street.
It made me laugh.
He had to share the sidewalk with a man who would do 
Karate kicks if you honked.

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