Monday, August 23, 2010

rasperry dreams....

This past week we picked raspberries at a raspberry patch.
I love me some raspberry jam.
Jacob and I took Bug and Kaleb as our laborers.

Jacob was the best picker. He really went deep into the bush to get the fruit.
Sadly, he had lots of scratches on his arms.

Some of the loot. 
We ended up picking more than 10 pounds! 
Yay for jam!
I definitely appreciated how expensive raspberries are. 
They take forever to pick.

If you go:
Go EARLY. It was SOOO hot when we went at 10:00 a.m.
Wear long sleeves but no need for long pants.
Bring water for the whiny kids. 
(and by kids, I mean the other people that didn't bring a water bottle when I told them to)
Bring cash/check. They don't take credit cards. 
(You actually leave your money in a cash jar.)


  1. I love it. So fun to see you amidst the craziness. You're just fun.

  2. I agree raspberry jam is the greatest! You don't even need toast to eat with it.


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