Thursday, August 26, 2010

Adventures at the Narrows

 At the beginning of August we headed to the Narrows in Zions National Park.
We were a little worried the trip would be off due to recent flash flood warnings, 
but thankfully we picked the perfect day.
I decided to do this post as a how-to, in case you went to the Narrows.
FYI: The Narrows is a river that runs between two cliffs. 
We hiked about 80% of the time in the river. 
We hiked up the river and then back down.
(you can, however, hike from the top for a 12 hour + hike)


Bring road trip supplies:
music, books, riddles, crosswords, zucchini bread.

Spend the $1 and go take pictures at The Trading Post.
(And pet a goat while your at it.)

 Go early. Like really early. 7 a.m.
We were some of the only people when we got there.
It was really magical (yes, magical) being the only people.
In the afternoon it was packed. Less cool.

Rent shoes and sticks.
We had special shoes and socks that were made for this.
So worth it.
And rent the staff. I wish I would've had two.
I kept on rolling my ankles on mysterious rocks.
(the sticks are also so to test the ground in front of you so you don't slip into a hole)

Take time to enjoy the scenery. 
In a word: Breathtaking. 
However, after so long it is doesn't change.
So go as a far as you feel and turn around.
It's not getting any better.
(We hiked for more than 6 hours. I hurt a lot.)

Wear breathable clothes.
Like a swimsuit or polyester.
We got really wet.

Bag all of your items in ziploc bags.
Even your lunch.
Everything got wet.

Find buddies who are willing to take lots of pictures of the group.
We found ours in a lone traveling photographer.
After the 20th picture, he might have wished he wouldn't have offered.

Don't feed the squirrels.
Apparently they bite.

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  1. It was an awesome trip. Probably the coolest hike I've been on. We need to do this hike at least every year.


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