Sunday, August 29, 2010

Weekend round-up: Birthday week continues

To celebrate the end of my birthday week 
we went on the traditional date: dinner and a movie.
We used a gift card I got for my birthday to eat at Gloria's Little Italy.
A short review: great food. romantic atmosphere. small portions. big price. 

We finally saw Inception.
I am still not sure how I feel about it.
Weird. But good. I think I need a Round 2 to wrap my head around it.
We have been saving movie coupons we got from Christmas  
(thanks John and Caroline!)
While we waited for the movie we stopped by Blickenstaff's 
at Riverwoods, hence, the hats.

On Saturday I took my baby sister driving.
She is driving on the freeway, which explains the face.
I'm still alive so she did well.

Stacie drove us to the Provo Farmer's Market. 
In my opinion, I think the PFM is going a little downhill.
Too many booths selling big bows, and 
then a booth for a politician showed up out of nowhere. 
{Let me shop for produce in peace!}

I love the local food booths selling lunch.
We had amazing tacos for only $1. 

However, beware of the samples.
We sampled what we thought was apricot jam.
Seconds after putting the sample in my mouth, my tongue began to burn.
Apparently, the "apricot" jam was actually chili pepper jam.
Ay caramba.

Blog friends: what did you do to celebrate the end of summer?

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