Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mayors for Meals

Me, Mayor Washburn and our wonderful volunteer, Siegrun
This week I hung out with the Mayor. Kind of.
We hosted Mayors For Meals this week where we asked local Mayors to deliver meals to our seniors with our volunteers. Four Mayors from local cities took time out of their busy schedules to participate.
This has been my pet project.
It is a national event but our office has never participated.
I begged, pleaded and re-proposed the idea many times before I got a green light.
Long story short, this week was the week it came to fruition.

The seniors were beyond thrilled for their special visitors, and it was a really neat thing to see.
(One senior even prepared popcorn and drinks for her visit from the Mayor in Provo)
I followed around Mayor Washburn who, by the way, was so genuine and kind to each of the seniors. I am happy to have met him and be a part of the visits.
I also entertained the press for the route. Read their article here. (I'm quoted.)

With the success, we're expanding it big time next year.
I think I will start to prepare tomorrow.


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