Friday, March 4, 2011

Scanning photos

One of my "25 Before 25" goals is to scan my parent's old pictures.
Well, it might have to be one of the "30 Before 30" because there are an insane amount of pictures.
Anyone want to help? I'll pay you in Tootie Fruities.

While at my Grammy's this last weekend (when can I come back?), I scanned more than 100 of her old pictures. In there were some of these gems.....

 Jay (grandpa), Thalia (grammy), Margo and my mom is the littlest one.
Is there anything more glamorous than old pictures? I submit there is not.

My mom (left) and Auntie M.
 The other day my mom told me she had knobby knees.
I suppose she's had them all her life.
(is that where I got mine?)

My momma.
My grandma made most, if not all, of their clothes.
I can't get over this dress.

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  1. Great pictures Stephanie. I'm glad you had a fun trip to St. George.


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