Friday, March 25, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

Yes, this is a bit late. But I did celebrate St. Paddy's, even though it felt no one at work did.
(For an office that is super into Halloween, I was surprised that no one wore green. However, I do not feel comfortable pinching my non-green-wearing co-workers so I let it slide.)

I celebrated by going to Little R's first grade presentation "A Day in the Life of a First Grader."
My favorite songs included "The Number Rumba" among others.

I won a candle at a diabetes fair where I ran a booth (I'm tellin' you, the luck of the Irish).
At said fair, I also got some St. Paddy's temporary tattoos.
I gave them to my niece who loves temp. tattoos when she came to my house to play.
I turned my head for one minute and she had put it on her face.One minute!

Jacob and I ended the night with The Diary of Anne Frank at the Pioneer Theater.
So, not very Irish. It just happened that we saw 'The Diary of Anne Frank' that night.
The Pioneer Theater has a fantastic student discount program.
When I graduated and lost my student status, Jacob's sister JoEllen has been kind enough to let us benefit.
I love seeing shows at the Pioneer Theater. The productions are wonderful with most of the leads being professional actors flown in from all over the country.

"The Diary of Anne Frank" was no exception. It was very well done.
I cried. And couldn't find a tissue.
We had a great discussion on the ride home about history, and power of hatred and their strength.
I was shocked, however, when I told someone about the show and they asked who Anne Frank was.
What?! Run, don't walk to your library.
If you haven't read the book yet, do it.

See my Goodreads review.
On Goodreads? Let's be friends.

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