Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lately.... Stay-at-home-church and babysitting

We were lucky enough to spend Saturday and Sunday a couple of weeks ago to have church from home. No, not some Baker-like church, but General Conference. I need that twice yearly guidance. I crave it. This year, however, I had very specific questions. Which meant I read into everything. I can't wait until it comes in print so I can really delve into the teachings.

Since our small family is still young (and well, only has two people), we haven't really created any traditions yet. But I think we will make German Pancakes for breakfast our new tradition.
I should get a Mrs. Butter-worth's endorsement, or something.
I spent my time writing notes and scanning pictures like this one...
On my parent's wedding day: Dad with Kiki
We had a girl's night (plus Kaleb) and had homemade pizzas and delicious red pepper dip. (no photo evidence, but delicious, I promise.)

We're enjoying our last couple of ski days before the mountain closes for the season.
On the lift: Me, Jacob, Stace-face
This past ski trip was the highlight of the season.
The snow was perfect.
I never skied better.
And we finally made it to the lift on time.
Cars buried in the snow. Look carefully, you can see a little antennae poking out of the snow.
This past weekend we "babysat" Stacie. My cousin was getting married, right before Spring Break so my fam went out for the festivities. Stacie had the ACT and we couldn't really pull a trip right now (because we are preparing for D.C. later this month!), so we babysat. Which really meant we stayed the night, saw movies and played Just Dance.

Stacie and I lived it up at the Bijou Market, a fair for local artisans to sell their works.
Mustaches are in, didn't you know?
We rocked it up at Hobby Lobby and found the perfect eggs to answer Stacie's prom date back.

She said yes!

We ended the weekend with a movie date to Beastly (I'd rate it a C+. I wasn't made I saw it, but I wouldn't see it again. A teenage girl flick with bad acting. Poor Jacob. He was a good trouper.) and dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe (also rated a C+).

Now that babysitting duties are over we can focus on the rest of April.
Jacob had his last day of classes today and is graduating next week.
This month is seriously flying by...

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